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As much as the Nutritionnaire loves to be in the kitchen, she also loves to spend time outdoors or travelling with her family. Check out these posts for some fun places that you can check out with your kids!

The Perfect Christmas Gift for your Family

Ross Petty

I love Christmas. I am one of those people that loves everything about it. I listen to the radio station that plays Christmas music, I welcome the Christmas aisles at the department store, and I decorate my house until my husband makes me stop. Don’t worry, I wait until after Remembrance Day. That’s long enough, […]

What is with KID’s MENUS?

kids menu

What is with the kid’s menu at restaurants? Why are the options always chicken fingers, pizza, or butter soaked white pasta topped with cheese? And sugar, sugar, sugar? Why do restaurant chains believe that children have no taste buds? Or sense of adventure? Listen, my kids LOVE the kids menu. They love grilled cheese and […]

Why Kids Need Pets

kids and pets

I may not have a psych degree, or be any sort of animal expert, but I personally believe kids need pets. And vice versa. That’s right, pets need kids. (Cue: Awwwwwwwww) Is there anything cuter than a picture of a baby snuggling up to a puppy? I mean, COME ON. The cuteness factor ALONE I’m […]

Food Revolution 2017: Challenge #1

In addition to being a Holistic Nutritionist and Mom of three, I’m also a Toronto Ambassador for the Food Revolution. The Food Revolution is a campaign started by Jamie Oliver. Jamie is calling on us all to join a global Food Revolution in order to provoke debate and inspire real, meaningful, positive change in the way […]

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Teff Cookies

oatmeal teff cookies

Are you wondering what teff is? (You thought I spelled something wrong, didn’t you?) I was wondering what teff was too, until a few months ago, when I started using it in EVERYTHING. Teff is another one of those “ancient grains” that has been used forever in places like Ethiopia, but we’re just hearing about […]

Breakfast Smoothies


As you know, I love to bring my kids into the kitchen. They especially love making breakfast which I am 100% encouraging because once I’m comfortable with them making breakfast, that means I DON’T HAVE TO MAKE BREAKFAST. Don’t get me wrong, I love making food for my kids (really, I do) and they’re more […]

Why Eating the Rainbow is Bad for You

30-Day Green and Orange Challenge

It’s the New Year and everyone wants to start eating better, moving more, getting healthy. Right? It’s a great resolution! We should all be making an effort to be our best! The thing is…when we make these resolutions, we’re SO MOTIVATED (which is awesome) that we want to do it all, immediately. And that’s where […]



If your house is anything like mine, it’s constantly full of Lego. New creations are always being built, and I’m consistently terrified of stepping on tiny little pieces of jagged squares of plastic. RIP A photo posted by Steve ™ (@steve) on Sep 29, 2016 at 4:35pm PDT Honestly, it’s like pain worse than childbirth. […]

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