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Our most Kid-friendly recipes!

Oatmeal Energy Bites

energy balls

Lately I’ve been speaking with lots of clients that have a sweet tooth. They’re looking for a snack they can allow themselves to eat, that “maybe isn’t as bad as a chocolate bar”? I know the feeling. I’m all about balance-I don’t believe you should take all the sweetness out of your life. You just […]

The Secret to Perfect Steel-Cut Oatmeal

steel-cut oatmeal

Did you wake up with good intentions this morning? The good intentions to eat right, and start your day off with the mighty-fine whole grain goodness of steel-cut oats? I don’t blame you! These oats are better than the rest. They are minimally processed so your body takes longer to digest them, keeping you fuller, […]

Watermelon Pops

watermelon pop

Summer is hot. And heat calls for popsicles. We’re all trying to be healthier, especially for our kids, and making homemade popsicles is one way we try to do our best in the summertime. I have been making different concoctions in an effort to reduce the sugar in our children’s diet. Let me tell, you-as a Holistic […]

Whole Wheat Yogurt Coffee Cake

coffee cake

Whenever I have people over to my house, I make banana bread or coffee cake or some sort of sweet treat. I also make loaves of goodness when I go visit friends, when there’s a potluck, or I know someone is stopping by-even for a minute. This infuriates my husband. He walks into the house […]

Monkey Milk

monkey milk

We all have those items we feed our kids without even thinking twice. Mine is monkey milk. This all began years ago when my kids were very young. They would want a snack in the afternoon, and I can’t remember if they didn’t WANT to eat fruit ir if I was just trying to incorporate […]

What is with KID’s MENUS?

kids menu

What is with the kid’s menu at restaurants? Why are the options always chicken fingers, pizza, or butter soaked white pasta topped with cheese? And sugar, sugar, sugar? Why do restaurant chains believe that children have no taste buds? Or sense of adventure? Listen, my kids LOVE the kids menu. They love grilled cheese and […]

Coconut Honey Roasted Nuts

Coconut Honey Roasted Nuts

Nuts get a bad rap. I know they’re high in fat and calories but sometimes you have to dig a little deeper. What KIND of fat and calories are we looking at here? Because I get not eating EMPTY calories, but nuts? They’ve got some good stuff in there. Here’s the deal. There’s EMPTY calories […]

Food Revolution 2017: Challenge #3


I’ll keep this one simple. Challenge #3 is a Healthy Breakfast Challenge. Kids who eat breakfast tend to eat healthier overall and are more likely to participate in physical activities — two great ways to help maintain a healthy weight and keep their developing brains happy. Skipping breakfast can do all sorts of damage, not […]

Food Revolution 2017: Challenge #2

chickpea pasta

As you now know, I’m an Ambassador for the Food Revolution here in Toronto. I’m running challenges with a local school and I thought…everyone should be in on these challenges! We’ve finished the first challenge which was all about infused water. If you didn’t hear about it, you can check it out here and feel free […]

Why Kids Need Pets

kids and pets

I may not have a psych degree, or be any sort of animal expert, but I personally believe kids need pets. And vice versa. That’s right, pets need kids. (Cue: Awwwwwwwww) Is there anything cuter than a picture of a baby snuggling up to a puppy? I mean, COME ON. The cuteness factor ALONE I’m […]

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