Small changes, BIG impact.

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Make a big change without making big changes. It’s all about balance.

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I'm Seanna Thomas.

The Nutritionnaire.

Combine my decade of experience as a Holistic Nutritional Consultant with my love for my  three amazing kids, and you’ve got the drive and tools you need to grow a healthy, happy family.

I don’t believe in cutting anything out of your daily life. 

Do you like pasta? That’s fine. Kids like cookies? GREAT, mine too. Let me help you take the foods you know and love and transform them into a diet that works for YOU.

Live the life you WANT to live in a healthy way. It’s different for everyone, and I can help you find your balance.

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Small changes, BIG Impact

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Online Programs

14 Day Difference

The 14 Day Difference is like no online nutrition program you’ve heard of before. Real, whole foods. Foods you recognize and feel comfortable cooking. Foods that are already in your pantry or your fridge. I just tell you how to eat them properly and the best way to optimize the nutrition for your body.

Simply. One step at a time. Make a BIG change without making big changes. It’s possible.

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My passion is educating kids about living a healthy lifestyle.

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